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DIG Excel PC CV dripline with built in check valve is a reliable, flexible, durable and precise pressure compensating (PC) dripline offering all the features you look for in a dripline. Each of the dripline’s cylindrical drip emitters with check valve is designed with two outlets per emitter and a floating diaphragm that regulates and maintains a consistent flow rate at variable inlet pressures ranging from 12 to 50 PSI in a wide range of demanding conditions. The built in check valves prevent water draining when water pressure drops below 2.5 PSI, protecting the emitters from siphoning sediment, soil particles, and debris at the end of each irrigation cycle. Excel PC CV Dripline is extruded from premium low-density polyethylene resins with UV protection, offering a combination of outstanding environmental stress-cracking resistance and burst strength with commonly used chemicals.


  • Can be installed above or below grade
  • The inline emitter check valves prevent drainage from the dripline when water pressure drops below 2.5 PSI, protecting the emitters against the siphoning of small sediment and soil particles into the drip emitter
  • Available in two flow rates, a wide range of spacing and drip tubing lengths to provide maximum design flexibility in a variety of applications
  • The pressure compensating feature provides flow uniformity regardless of operating pressure and variation along the line
  • The drip emitter and the diaphragm are self-contained units molded to the interior wall of the tubing
  • Flow path design support superior clogging resistance
  • Turbulent flow through large labyrinth water passages leads water into the flow control chamber where a sensitive floating silicon diaphragm regulates and maintains a constant flow rate at variable inlet pressures. The self-flushing silicon diaphragm allows pressure to build up within the chamber and flush any debris not captured by the inlet filter.
  • Dripline includes one inlet and two outlets per each emitter
  • The intake inlet has a number of raised grooves that act as a secondary filter. The filter intake area is continuously flushed by water flow throughout the operation of the system, preventing particles from entering the labyrinth and giving the drip emitter its resistance to clogging.
  • The check valve and the dual, oppositely oriented directional outlets act as a physical barrier to root and debris intrusion
  • Resistant to chemicals and fertilizers commonly used in landscaping
  • Protected against UV degradation
  • Flexible tubing for easy installation
  • The dripline is printed with the flow rate and size for easy identification
  • Use with DIG 17 mm barb fittings, .670 OD compression fittings and universal Nut Lock™ fittings
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