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Our MiniMesh grating has 1 ½” x 1 ½” primary load bars with an extra intermediate cross bar at the top of the grating, ½” deep creating a ½” x ½” aperture. The smaller apertures provide good water drainage and airflow, prevent objects from falling through and provide a surface more suitable for small children, pets, prams, cyclists, wheelchairs, and other small wheeled traffic.

MiniMesh grating panels are typically preferred for elevated public walkways, especially in Parks and Reserves, as well as pedestrian access decking on docks, piers, boat lifts, pontoons and jetties. The panels are also useful around pools, waterparks and other general recreational areas.

MiniMesh is typically supplied with a bonded grit surface to prevent slippage during wet or icy conditions, thus allowing all year usage of pedestrian walkways and other elevated access paths. However for beach access applications, grit surfaced FRP can be harsh on bare feet. For greater comfort MiniMesh with a meniscus surface could be considered which still provides good degree of ant-slip properties.
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