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FRP Grating - Elevated Synthetic Turf Support

At first glance, laying synthetic turf on a rooftop might seem problematic.  It can’t be laid directly on the roof membrane,  it needs good drainage, normally you want a perfectly level surface and it must not blow away.  And that’s why fiberglass grating panels provide the ideal base for elevated turf installations.

Archatrak fiberglass grating panels offer the most cost-effective and technically advanced support system for all types of synthetic turf – they are stable, perfectly level, fire-resistant, free-draining, easy to install. The top surface of our 4’ x 8’ ‘MicroMesh’ grating panels have apertures of just ¼”, ensuring rapid drainage of water and eliminating pooling,  both critical factors in synthetic turf installations.  The slight ‘give’ characteristic of fiberglass gratings also offers a more comfortable and natural feeling underfoot compared with installations over a totally hard surface like concrete.

The large 4’ x 8’ panels can be securely locked together with stainless steel clips and secured to the parapet surrounding the deck area, offering a totally connected surface that is highly resistant to wind uplift. The turf itself can be secured to the grate by adhesive and also by mechanically fixing it to battens under the grate, or more simply by using 1/4'' diam. aluminum rivets.

In addition, fiberglass panels do not add significantly to the weight loading on a roof deck. At only 3.5-4.0 lb. per sq.ft., they are much lighter than concrete or porcelain pavers. Even when filled with sand to stabilize the turf surface, the total weight of the grating plus turf will be less than 7 lb. per sq.ft.
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FRP Grating - Elevated Synthetic Turf Support


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