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Halo Diamond 1

The US239010M product complies with the ASTM Standard.

”This is something you really need to try yourself", said each and every one of our testers of the Halo Diamond. What is it all about? When the cube is not sitting flat on the ground but tilted, standing on one of its corner tips, your ability to balance and navigate is being tested in the most surprising way ever. We promise the experience is way more challenging and fun than you may expect. Inside the cube we placed some familiar elements, such as a balancing ball and a rope net, as well as an entry to the plastic tube slide. The old saying "seeing is believing" does not apply here. You just have to climb in to experience it yourself!

CAD Drawings Lappset  Halo Diamond 1

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Design Visualizer

Lappset Halo Diamond 1 (ASTM)


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