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Vapor fireplaces are the perfect solution any place where venting is a challenge, where heat is not desired, or where there are any environmental concerns for burning gas to create flame.

Designing For Multifamily

NMHC surveys 38 million apartment renters each year and 48% of those surveyed selected a fireplace in their top 5 of desired amenities. Add a spectacular fireplace to your lobby, clubroom, spa, or the living room of your luxury apartment.

Designing For Residential

A large contemporary fireplace in a luxury residence is seen as the height of great design. Since there is no heat generated from combustion, you can put a TV or piece of fine art right above.

Unlimited Media Options

Since we aren't burning gas to create the flame, your media options are truly endless. Media used in gas fireplaces, such as: logs, crushed glass, glass nuggets, rocks, etc. You can also use anything else you can think of-- don't worry, it wont burn.

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Vapor Fireplaces Brochure