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All Dogs On Deck
Venice, CA, USA

Project Details

Venice, CA, USA

Howard Giller’s house has gone to the dogs – literally. When the homeowner had a moving wall of glass installed in his Venice, California home, his bulldog and chihuahua had free rein to wander in and out, sunning themselves on his wooden deck. The massive multi-slide glass door is the core of the indoor-outdoor lifestyle the whole household enjoys.

“Our dogs love the sliders because they also see the world walking by on the street we live on,” Giller says. “It’s like opening yourself to the world”

The floor-to-ceiling, multi-slide patio door creates a seamless connection between the spacious living room and the outdoor area of the home, which strikes an architectural aesthetic between modern and vintage craftsman.

Giller’s verdant backyard is shaded by trees with leaves blowing in gentle California breezes. He has multiple tables and chairs inside and out so his guests can enjoy the temperate climate. The indoor-outdoor connection is especially great for parties, he says.

“Western Window Systems doors are terrific for entertaining. When we have them open, there’s a seamless flow between the outdoors and the interior,” Giller says. “The outdoor has really become part of your living space, and yet when the door systems are closed, it provides a more intimate feel when you’re inside the house.”

The functionality of the doors makes indoor-outdoor living easy. Using just one hand, Giller can conveniently push all four moving glass panels open at once. “One of the reasons we selected the Western Window Systems sliders is for their ease of operation,” he says. “They slide open seamlessly and they close effortlessly.”

Narrow frames and clean sightlines make the doors as aesthetically pleasing as they are easy to use. “The most important thing when buying a product is buying a product that has form and function,” Giller says. “With Western Window Systems, you don’t have to sacrifice form for function.”

Energy efficiency was also important to Giller, considering California has some of the strictest energy codes in the country. The multi-slide door’s dual-paned, low-E glass reflects heat while allowing light to pass through.

“Their energy efficiency is beautiful,” Giller says. “When we’re inside, whether the door is open or closed, it provides us total versatility to live the way we want to live.”