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Rooftop Patio at Edgewater Hotel
Seattle, WA, USA

Project Details

Seattle, WA, USA

The 1750 sq. ft. rooftop patio at Seattle’s iconic Edgewater Hotel was falling into disrepair. An elastomeric deck coating that had only been down for 1 year had already failed. This landmark hotel and popular destination for rock n’ roll royalty has fantastic waterfront views, but the condition of the rooftop patio was not at all inviting. The elastomeric deck coating used as the waterproof deck surface was cracking, splitting and peeling. This outdoor flooring looked like it could have been decades old, not just a year. With this failed waterproofing, the hotel owners could not be confident that the hotel would not sustain water damage over time. Plus, the overall look of the patio was off-putting to guests who wanted to enjoy the views of Seattle’s waterfront. The hotel owners decided to give the rooftop patio an upgrade with an attractive and durable outdoor tile surface. Since the failed coating was layered over a sleeper floor and a torch-on roofing product, it was going to be a big job. The hotel owners called the roof deck experts at Duradek Northwest to ensure their roof deck renovation included professional waterproofing.

While any of the Duradek waterproof vinyl membranes would have solved this problem, the owners had a strong preference for a tile paver surface. Duradek Northwest had the perfect solution for waterproofing under exterior tile –Tiledek. They called on two of their best installers to join forces to complete this large project in a timely manner. After removing the failed coating, sleeper floor, and old torch-on product, the professional Duradek installers prepared the substrate. 1/2" Dura Rock over 1 1/8" T&G plywood went down as the first stages of the exterior tile deck assembly. For a reliable waterproofing solution, they applied Duradek Tiledek™, which is specifically manufactured for outdoor tile assemblies. Constructed of durable PVC, its top surface consists of a geotextile fabric that provides excellent adhesion of thin-set mortar for the tiles to be applied to. Tiledek has been 3rd party tested to verify it meets building code as both a roofing membrane and walking deck membrane…ideal for this high traffic roof deck. Coordination with the tile setters was in place to keep the project moving and the rooftop patio closure to a minimum. Once the Tiledek membrane was installed, the tile could be laid immediately as there is no drying or curing time needed.

The hotel owners now have peace of mind knowing the building is protected from water damage. The other significant advantage was that guests could now comfortably enjoy the views from the expansive and updated roof deck. The look of luxury now replaced the look of neglect.

Since Tiledek does not require curing time, or multiple coats, Seattle’s rainy weather was not at all an issue in the installation. Elevated tarping was used to keep the deck area protected, ensuring no moisture got trapped under the Tiledek™ membrane.

The professional Duradek installers ensured water routing was handled effectively, from start to finish.

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