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Mansard Roofing Restoration

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Get the job done and meet the budget. That mandate put The DSCC Project Manager, Charlie Attar to work on finding the right mansard roofing solution for the owners of a 120 unit apartment complex in middle Missouri built in the mid-‘70s.

The mansard was old cedar that had not been maintained, with rotted wood, holes, and even some pests. Though given a budget to repair rotted wood to paint, the bank financing the project disagreed with simply repairing, and directed that there be no exposed wood at completion.

With the job just underway, the property values went up. A re-appraisal of the property boosted the value by over $260,0001 and there was less fire-hazard. And then the occupancy rate followed.

When the project started, there were 40 vacant units and the property owners were gearing up to hire leasing and sales agents and invest in advertising. With the roof, doors and windows completed strategically on the foremost street-side building, a “Coming Soon” sign posted by The DSCC in front of the now fresh looking residences, curb appeal pulled in the traffic and vacancies were filled.

Unexpected cost savings resulted in renewed revenue and payback for the property owners. There’s nothing quite like the satisfaction of full occupancy and happy residents.

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