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Natura WWTP – Grupo RUBA
Tijuana, Mexico

Project Details

Laval Tijuana S.A. DE C.V.
Tijuana, Mexico
Project Year

The new Natura waste water treatment plant serves over 7,200 households recycling their waste water. The plant specifically dewaters the sludge ahead of transport and disposal. Multiple concrete water tanks and containment areas make up the treatment plant. The owner wanted a long term and durable waterproofing solution for all these concrete tanks to ensure the plant can continue operating for decades. The development team considered using internal surface applied membranes but decided against them because they did not provide a permanent waterproofing solution.

Instead, the design team specified the use of Kryton’s concrete waterproofing products for all
the water and liquid containment tanks. They chose Kryton products because of the unparalleled 25 year warranty, comprehensive technical service support and the successful 40 year history in waterproofing and increasing the durability of concrete. In total 2,100 cubic meters of concrete waterproofed with Krystol Internal Membrane (KIM) was used in this project. KIM contains Krystol technology, which when added to concrete initiates chemical reaction with water and un-hydrated cement particles to form insoluble needle-shaped crystals. These crystals fill the pores and capillaries in the concrete to block any water pathways in the concrete. Any moisture introduced through cracks in the concrete trigger crystallization and self-sealing process. To complete their waterproofing,
the project team used the over 1000 meters of the Krystol Waterstop System made up of Krystol Waterstop Treatment and Krytonite Swelling Waterstop on all the construction joints. After water was added to the concrete basins, the expected happened, small leaks at some of the constructed joints and some cracks. The project team called the distributor who advised the KIM would self-seal in a couple of days. The team had trust in the Kryton products, so waited and in a couple of days the leaks were no longer there and the joints were sealed. As of 2017, the concrete waterproofing is performing perfectly and there have been no further leaks.

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