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Pier 57 Super Pier
New York, New York, USA

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New York, New York, USA
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Envisioned to be a new cultural hub, adjacent to New York’s Meatpacking District, the Super Pier at the historic Pier 57 is undergoing an extensive redevelopment to house the Anthony Bourdain Food Market, Google’s new office, as well as a dynamic mix of office, retail, and public space, including a full wrap-around apron at water level and a landscaped rooftop park with breathtaking views of Manhattan’s West Side and the Hudson River.

Originally constructed in 1952, the Pier was an innovative engineering achievement for the techniques employed that keep it afloat. Just below the water, three large watertight concrete chambers support the main structure in lieu of traditional piles. Furthermore, these underwater chambers serve as unique occupiable basement spaces, unlike at other piers. Making this existing structure waterproof, flood proof and resistant to corrosion were all major considerations for this redevelopment.

Based on the crucial need to have a watertight structure and the engineer’s previous experience with the technical performance, support and unique self-sealing ability of Krystol technology, they confidently chose Kryton to deliver a comprehensive waterproofing system. Kryton’s waterproofing products not only replace the need for a membrane, but increase durability and longevity of the concrete structure by reducing corrosion. As the largest distributor of Kryton International’s line of crystalline products in the US, Greg Maugeri of Dry Concrete LLC provided the critical support and site supervision needed to ensure nothing was overlooked.

The project began by waterproofing the underwater vaults and pits by adding KIM® to the concrete, and treating all construction joints and penetrations with Krytonite™ Swelling Waterstop and Krystol Waterstop Treatment™. These same products were then used for the flood-proofing wall that wraps around the entire perimeter of the building. Finally, to prevent water infiltration to the entire exposed walkway surrounding the Pier, Kryton’s Krystol T1® Surface Treatment and a topping with KIM Admixture were applied. Using Krystol technology ensures this structure is watertight above and below the surface for its lifespan.

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Pier 57 Super Pier