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Exhibiton Center - New York
New York City, NY

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New York City, NY
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This public exhibition center in New York is one of the busiest centers in the United States. Each year thousands of businesspeople gather to share ideas and commerce.

Marshalls Landscape Protection worked to create a more secure perimeter to protect business people, other attendees, and the public walking in front of the building from vehicular attacks or accidents. The bollards were powder-coated core with marine grade brushed stainless steel outer sleeves and custom-fitted with led lights to assist pedestrians during the night.

One of the project's main challenges was installing the bollards within the 4-6 inch bed depth to avoid damaging the vaulted ceilings below the sidewalks. Marshalls engineering and design teams worked with appointed engineer (DiDomenico Architects) to collaboratively design necessary bespoke installation depths. Our logistics teams worked with the city of New York and PJS Construction to conform to the strict road closing orders, overnight delivery times and provide the necessary solutions for the quick & efficient installation of the protective bollard system.

The project was completed in 2020, ensuring people's safety as they enter and exit the exhibition center in one of the world's largest municipalities.

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