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Omaha, Nebraska, USA

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KSI Construction
Omaha, Nebraska, USA
5,600 sq. ft.

Hudl, a sports video software and app service catering to coaches and athletes at professional and collegiate levels, recently opened an office in Omaha. The old timber frame building chosen for this location required substantial floor rehabilitation.

Maxxon Moistop was installed to prevent the pumped underlayment from leaking through gaps in the original wood plank subfloor. Maxxon Reinforcement was then placed over the Moistop to enhance crack suppression of the topping. Once Commercial Topping was poured and sealed, the creativity could begin. An initial coat of Thermal-Chem DecoWear epoxy was applied over the entire surface of the floor. A custom pigmented “Hudl Blue” DecoColor was rolled out using stencils designed to look like a racing track. The system was finished with a second coat of DecoWear and a durable top coat of satin urethane giving this floor a look as innovative and unconventional as the company that is Hudl.

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