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316 Professional Quarter
Bogart, GA, USA

Project Details

Bogart, GA, USA

FROM MEDICAL COMPLEX TO FARM POND Tim Burgess, a residential/commercial developer in northeast Georgia, recently had Arthur Roberts of Water Columns install a 2HP Equinox in his farm pond. Burgess chose to purchase his own Aerating Fountain because of the great success and compliments received from the four Otterbines he has placed within a development called 316 Professional Quarter in Bogart, GA just west of Athens. 316 Professional Quarter is a medical community with 42 offices filled with health care providers; from OBGYN, pediatrics, dermatology, dentistry to physical therapy, sports medicine and pain management.

Also represented in this complex are two Otterbine 3HP Geminis and a 10HP Mystic. The Geminis are running in cement ponds, basins that were prepared and built specifically to float an Otterbine! Burgess’s idea was to provide attractive and calming areas for patrons and patients to enjoy while at work, spending time with loved ones, or simply waiting for their next appointment.

About a year ago, Burgess was able to acquire land adjacent to 316 Professional Quarter which included a pond and once again Burgess purchased an Otterbine, another 10HP Mystic, to accentuate the water feature and landscape. This land will soon be developed into an assisted care facility as well as senior villas, duplexes for those that don’t need constant care but need quick and convenient access to their physicians and pharmacy.

As fate would have it, Burgess just recently was able to acquire additional land that borders the 316 Professional Quarter and is currently building a Med Center-surgical facility. In prior meetings I had with Burgess and his architect, a sign was developed for the Med Center which will incorporate a 5HP Tristar with 8 LED lights. The Tristar will float in a specially designed reflection pool and mimic the 3 tier/stair stepped sign that will tower 30ft+ (9m+) high. With the Concept 3 Aerating Fountain platform only needing 30in (76cm) of water to float in, Tim has been able to save a lot of money over plumbed architectural type systems as well as provide water features that accent the landscape and development.

A great success story from northeast Georgia where quality, versatility and performance creates continued opportunities!

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