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Acklen Apartments
Nashville, TN, USA

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Nashville, TN, USA

Acklen Apartments owner, Forestar, came to us requesting large planters for apartment rooftops they were building in Nashville, TN. Their initial idea was to add green plants in planters to bookend seating areas of a large, open area. We suggested artificial plants - specifically our popular succulents - thereby eliminating costly maintenance that live plants would require. We selected modern fiberglass planters with a black fox semi-gloss finish that would accent their existing furniture perfectly. We then proposed "planting" 24-inch Duraleaf Macroacantha Agaves, finishing it off with a soil topper. Because the rooftop received lots of wind, the company was concerned about potential tip-over damage to the large planters. Our solution was to add a false bottom and include a layer of gravel as weight, 200 to 300 pounds that would be hidden inside each planter. They loved the idea! The finished look is clean and crisp, with Forestar adding a finishing touch of glistening black rock to each planter.

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