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Old Cedar Avenue Bridge
Bloomington, Minnesota, USA

Project Details

Bloomington, Minnesota, USA

In the Old Cedar Avenue Bridge project, Romtec teamed up with the City of Bloomington, SRF Consulting Group, and Ebert Construction for the supply of a new combination restroom/pavilion structure at the Old Cedar Avenue Bridge Trailhead in Bloomington, Minnesota.

The Old Cedar Avenue Bridge has been replaced with a new bridge to the north for vehicular traffic to cross Long Meadow Lake. In an effort to preserve history, the City of Bloomington rehabilitated the original bridge to serve as a walking path across the water, allowing the community to enjoy the peaceful lakefront. The Old Cedar bridge path joins other walking paths in the area at the trailhead parking lot.

At the trailhead, Romtec supplied a single slope restroom structure with a covered pavilion area attached to the left of the structure. The building contains both Men’s and Women’s multi-user restrooms, a single unisex restroom, and a mechanical room for ease of maintenance.

The structure is composed of smooth face, burnished sandstone block with kick proof wall vents and gable windows installed in the block. For an aesthetically pleasing and dynamic appearance, Cedarmill lap siding and a stone veneer wainscoting has been added to the exterior of the structure. The two columns on the attached pavilion feature footings with a matching stone veneer, continuing the style of the structure.

Inside the restrooms are wall hung white toilets and sinks installed with motion sensors. Motion sensors in the restroom can provide many benefits, such as ease of use and higher hygiene, as contact with dirty hands is not required. Phenolic partitions separate each toilet for privacy in the restroom and are smooth and easy to clean.

All public areas are accessible on the face of the structure, and access to the mechanical room is through the back. The mechanical room borders all of the restrooms makes it easier for maintenance personnel to access the plumbing for maintenance or repairs. This mechanical room has also been equipped with a mop sink for easy cleanup of the building.

The successful installation of the custom Romtec restroom/pavilion structure by Ebert Construction opens further opportunities for the public to enjoy the outdoors for exercise and fresh air. The City of Bloomington is very pleased with their new structure, and Romtec is happy to have been able to supply the custom building for their needs.

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