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Hillsborough Road - GravityStone Vertical Hybrid
Franklin, Tennessee, USA

Project Details

Franklin, Tennessee, USA

GravityStone vertical hybrid was selected as the site solution on Hillsborough Road widening project due to structural flexibility and aesthetics of the system. This major construction project affected multiple sites including CVS Pharmacy, Sherwin Williams Paint, an automotive retailer, a public services facility, and other established retailers. To accomplish the widening of this major arterial minimizing the excavation into limestone cliffs were required. As wall heights exceeded 22 feet in elevation visual aesthetics acoustical elements were both positively affected by the creation of planted terraces. Creating a vertical hybrid with GravityStone Modular and MSE allowed the engineer to accomplish a narrow structure, planting areas, consistent aesthetics and an economical design. GravityStone vertical hybrids are a great solution as excavation requirements change vertically in a retained embankment.

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