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Wishbone Site Furnishings

John Knox Christian School
BC, Canada

Project Details

Landscape Architect: PMG - Cameron Woodruff, Landscape Contractor: Westwood Landscapes
BC, Canada
Project Year

In the summer of 2019, Wishbone was called upon to supply in large quantity two types of benches for this high-profile school project: our Skyline and Skyline backless bench with a modification for installation as part of a gabion-cage wall feature.

Although the Skyline Gabion Bench had been customized, specified and installed as such on a previous project, a challenge arose rather early on during the construction phase for this job.

The landscape contractor needed the gabion leg portions only on a much sooner-than-anticipated timeline. If Wishbone were able to advance the manufacturing timeline for these supporting leg components of the benches, it would facilitate the correct installation in conjunction with the assembly of the gabion cages.

Wishbone rose to the challenge, delivering the aluminum leg portions in advance of the actual bench seating portions.

A further consideration was the elevation of the benches in the context of the grade of the project – everything was on a slant! Working quickly with Cam from PMG-LA, both Westwood and Wishbone were careful to ensure that the seat-height of all the benches was uniform regardless of the challenging grades.

Wishbone was also present on-site to assist with the fitting of the bench portions to the gabion leg portions, providing quality control assurance and manufacturer’s approval of the completed install. We believe the finished project is something that all stakeholders can be proud of, also demonstrating Wishbone’s core values of Passion, Integrity, Accountability, and – overall – Quality.

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